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My Life in Words
Soulful Wall Art




I am Jessie. 

These are my words and this is my art. 

I am inspired by interactions with my fellow humans every single day, and the words in my heart become art from my soul. 

What an amazing life this has been so far...even with all of its ups and downs...

one that I am most happy to share if you care to follow along. 

Read the blog, browse my art gallery, and - most importantly - enjoy.

Artist's Statement


 Jessie Elson is a local artist 

specializing in the combination of 

natural fiber, acrylic paint, 

a splash of pop culture, 

and good words to create soulful pieces 

for the walls of your unique home. 

The journey from her home town of 

Appleton, Wisconsin to London, Texas, Arkansas, 

South Africa, and finally Cumming, GA 

has inspired a rather eclectic style ranging from 

soothing neutrals to big, bold colors and patterns. 

Thank you for following along as this journey continues.   

Things that make me happy

My children (obviously) 

Lucy, the golden retriever

Red wine

Black and white

Bold colors + calm neutrals


A great patio

Good food

Breathing the air in new places

A beach with white sand

Fierce lady friendships


Authentic humans

Boozy brunches

Paint and pens and canvas and wood and paper and creativity

Unexpected humor

Deep conversations

Truth tellers

Thoughtful clutter


Read on, friends.

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